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Conditions We Treat

Who We Help

At Hybrid Performance Group, we have one requirement: Everyone who steps through our doors wants to get better. Whether you are an athlete, active adult, or just trying to keep your body healthy as you age, as long as you're ready to work to accomplish your goals, you'll fit right in.  

Sports Injury

Our Doctors of Chiropractic and Physical Therapy provide treatment and rehabilitation for a wide array of sports injuries including:

  • Torn and sprained ligaments

  • Muscle Tears and Strains

  • Shoulder Injuries

  • Knee injuries

  • Foot and Ankle Injuries

  • Spinal Injury

  • Hip Injuries

  • Concussion 

  • And much more!


Human Performance

Human performance is not just about running faster or lifting more weight. That's why at Hybrid Performance Group, we address all physiological aspects of the body as they relate to performance. This includes physical attributes like strength, mobility, and quality of movement, sports psychology, and nutrition. 

What is in the mind is in body - and what is in the body is in the mind. Book an assessment today to unlock your performance potential!


Muscle and Joint Pain

Pain is an unfortunate part of life. Whether you find yourself in pain from a training session, your sport, or everyday life, we are dedicated to finding the cause of your pain and creating a plan to getting you back to function as soon as possible. 

Our treatment plans are geared towards not only finding the cause of your pain, but also educating and setting up a strategy to prevent future episode. Don't settle for simply getting out of pain. Set up an assessment to determine the cause of your pain and fix the underlying issue.




Better health is not a destination, it's a journey. 

Your health is the most important asset you have. We're here to help you protect it. 


Whether it's releasing tight muscles from sitting at work, learning how to properly lift around the house in our Movement Lab, or releasing stress in our Recovery Room, keeping a regular schedule of maintenance on your body is just as important to your personal health as changing the oil is to your car's health. 

At Hybrid Performance Group, we customize a plan that will keep your body healthy for years to come. We also refer to a vast network of professionals such as strength trainers, nutritionalists, and naturopaths to ensure a well rounded approach to keeping your body healthy.

Contact us or schedule an assessment to get started!