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Hybrid Performance Group is a Chiropractic Healthcare Clinic based in Columbus, OH. Our doors opened in 2018 with the mission of breaking away from the insurance-based model of health care to provide you quality, one-on-one, results-based care.  

To us, “Hybrid” means more than just a catchy phrase. We understand each individual’s situation is influenced by their own unique challenges, lifestyle, experiences, and history. Our approach to healthcare, the Hybrid Approach, relies on pulling from our wide range of health care services and tools as well as our network of health and fitness professionals to find the best solution to address your specific needs - whether you are pushing your body to perform, in pain, or working to improve and maintain your current state of health.

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Our Mission

Our purpose is to help and serve others. We believe the path to optimal health is the education and promotion of the personal role that each person has in their own health.
Our efforts are focused on establishing a client-based model of care that places you at the center of your own health. From there we help direct you to the right specialist based on your needs and best interests. If those needs are not fulfillable in our office, we will utilize our broad network of health care providers to make sure you are referred to someone that can help.


Strong and successful teams start with great leadership and Hybrid Performance Group is no exception. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Tyrel formed Hybrid Performance Group to provide the best, personalized care possible and to be a leader in community for health education. 


  • Education:

    • Doctor of Chiropractic 

    • Master of Science, Sports Rehabilitation 

    • ACBSP Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician

  • Experience:

    • 2014-2015 Member of MIZZOU Sports Medicine 

    • 2015-2018 Team Chiropractor at University of Memphis 

    • International Speaker and Presenter

    • Instructor, Reflexive Performance Reset 

    • Columnist, EliteFTS.com

  • Certifications:

    • Be Activated 

    • Reflexive Performance Reset

    • Graston Technique 

    • Active Release Technique

    • Integrative Dry Needling

    • Diversified Technique

    • Thompson Technique

Better Care

Great care is begins by focusing on the client-doctor relationship. We believe you should have a personal, caring relationship with your doctor that is based upon mutual respect and understanding.
The high volume, insurance-based model has driven a wedge between clients and their doctors. Most doctors interact with their patients for less than 15 minutes before passing them on to an assistant or to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription.
Our doctors spend 45-60 minutes of face time with each client. This allows us to learn your body, who you are as a person, and how you interact with the world on a daily basis. Building this relationship allows our doctors to identify the cause of your ailments, educate, and create a plan to meet the needs of your specific situation. 

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