Athletes, First. Clinicians, Second

As an athlete, your goal is to improve and get better. That is the common goal that all athletes share, regardless of age, skill or competition level, and is the essence of sports performance.


At Hybrid Performance Group, we understand your drive to get better, and since Day One have worked to support this drive by providing a full spectrum of the best services and offerings for improving sports performance.

We pride ourselves on being athletes first, and clinicians second. That means you have the help and support from professionals who don’t just work with athletes – they ARE athletes.


To best accomplish your sports performance goals, we follow a simple three step process:

1. Evaluate mental, physical, and nutritional aspects of performance to identify opportunities for improvement.


The best way to improve sports performance is to improve weaknesses and deficiencies. An evaluation is important, because if you don’t first identify these deficiencies, how can you ever improve them? Your physical, mental, and nutritional needs are evaluated in order to determine the best opportunities to improve.


2. Execute a plan that addresses your needs as an athlete to achieve ultimate sports performance.


Based on the findings of your assessment, you and your doctor will develop a plan to build and strengthen a more resilient and capable version of yourself. This plan is executed under our supervision in our office as well as on your own at home.


3. Build proper recovery and injury prevention habits to continue performing for years to come.


The best athletes are able to perform at a high level for as long as they have because of one single secret – they have learned to take care of their bodies by building proper recovery and injury prevention habits. At Hybrid Performance Group, the most important service we can provide is education. That is why we work with you to educate and develop proper habits of taking care of your body BEFORE you get hurt, not after. Often, the same sports performance plan you used to correct an injury, dysfunction, or build up a weak point becomes part of a prevention plan that you can continue execute on your own.

There is no such thing as an individual sport. In order to truly compete at a high level, an athlete must surround themselves with a team of individuals that can help them push the envelope and accomplish their current and future performance goals. This team includes teammates, training partners, strength coaches, position coaches, and health care providers

Hybrid Performance Group has a history of helping athletes of all ages and ability levels. From local high school sports, throughout all levels of NCAA competition, to professional NFL, NHL, MLS, and Olympic athletes, professional and amateur strength sports like powerlifting, strongman, and crossfit, even niche athletes such as pole and aerial fitness – we have seen it all. Not only have we seen it all, each of our clinicians are competitive athletes – which means we have also done it too.

Physical Performance

Movement quality feeds performance. Your body’s ability to create and maintain proper movement patterns while under stress and fatigue not only increases sports performance – it also drastically reduces your risk of injury. This is why an evaluation of your movement patterns and are so crucial. At Hybrid Performance Group, we look to improve movement quality and resiliency to stress on the field, in the weight room, and throughout all other aspects of life.

Hybrid Performance Group bridges the gap between health care and performance training of the athlete

A large portion of athletes are developed in a black and white approach to physical performance that is solely focused on whether or not they are injured. On one aspect of physical training, there is rehabilitation. Rehab plans are used when an athlete is injured to get them back to play. A rehab plan is focused on pain and range of motion. As soon as the pain is gone and you can extend your knee, lift your arm, or do an acceptable level of movement without pain, you are released from care, and return to full training.


Training plans focus on improving the output of the athlete - getting bigger, stronger, faster, etc. It often involves lifting, conditioning, and practices that are specific to the athlete’s sport. This is the realm of physical performance that most athletes spend their time in, unless they are hurt and in pain. If pain or injury occur, the athlete is sent back to rehabilitative care.


This back and forth system creates a large gap between health care professionals and strength coaches in most settings. Very few private healthcare professionals communicate with the strength coach at a training facility, high school, etc. to inform them of their rehab plan or to work out a plan of prevention once an athlete is out of pain. Conversely, many strength coaches neglect to spend time outside of intense training to build and reinforce movement. Many times this is because they are overwhelmed with time and resource constraints. The best environments for optimal physical performance require a “middle man” who understands and utilizes both rehabilitative and strength training knowledge to improve the athlete’s movement and injury resilience. This is usually only found in the highest level of competition in Division I and professional athletics.


As a former Division I athlete and health care provider for two different Division I schools, Dr. Detweiler looks to establish Hybrid Performance Group as that middle man for athletes in the Greater Columbus Area.

At Hybrid Performance Group, we look to develop clarity and communication with all individuals included in the athlete’s development. Whether they are parents, coaches, or other health care providers, we make sure that everyone is on the same page.

An athlete’s care should not stop once pain is gone. Instead, it should adapt and change to build strong, resilient motor patterns that mimic the needs of your lifestyle.

This shift from a rehab plan to a performance and prevention plan ensures you maintain proper movement quality, recovery habits, and injury prevention.

Mental Performance

We’ve all heard the universal remark of 80% mental, 20% physical. If this is true, why do we only focus on the physical?

The mind and body work together as a unit and cannot be separated – especially in sports performance. Therefore, whether your goal is improving performance, preventing injury, getting out of pain, or simply gain a better understanding of your own body, it is our responsibility to address the effects that your mental focus, energy, and drive have on your body and its performance.

Where the Mind goes, the body follows

Ask most athletes, the most challenging aspect of sports is not the physical demands on the body. The real tests in athletics are mental. Whether it’s the discipline of waking up at 5am for training, taking on the stress of hitting the game winning shot, or battling the what ifs of recovering from an injury, improving mental performance is the key to opening the sports performance doorway.

The following are just a few benefits our clients have experienced by addressing mental performance:

Better adaptation to in-game stresses

Less anxiety

Improved focus

Less stress

Better focus

Less pain and muscular tightness

Better sleep

Improved awareness and vision


(Reflexive Performance Reset)

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR) is a derivative of the revolutionary Be Activated system that athletes around the world use to teach a series of breathing and neurological drills that you can perform ON YOUR OWN.


RPR is for everyone, but particularly popular within athletics and sports performance. Athletes all across the world utilize RPR as a versatile, everyday tool to prime the body for training and manage the mental side of athletics. RPR is a gamechanger and has helped athletes experience the following improvements:

RPR is a gamechanger and has helped athletes experience the following improvements:


Injury prevention



Movement quality
Muscle and joint pain
Improved Mental Performance

RPR is widely used at the high school, collegiate and professional levels. Dr. Detweiler is a Reflexive Performance Reset instructor and has taught to numerous athletes, position coaches, and strength coaches. He has also served as an advisor to numerous athletic departments, to help them successfully implement RPR within their own teams to increase performance and resilience to injury. 

Results speak for themselves. To date the following athletic programs have learned and utilized the RPR System:

All 14 Big Ten Schools

10 SEC Schools

All 10 Big 12 Schools

13 ACC Schools

8 Pac-12 Schools

150+ NCAA Division 1 Schools





High Schools & Youth Programs World-Wide

As a client at Hybrid Performance Group, you will be able to learn how to utilize this easy to use system as a tool that will help keep your body functioning and performing better! 

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