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Move Better, Feel Better,


Live Better

Movement is Medicine

Personalized sessions in the Hybrid Movement Lab are designed to teach and build proper movement in all aspects of life - work, at home, in the gym, or on the field. Moving better means more energy, less stress, and reduced risk of injury.

How Are YOU Moving?

Have you ever thrown out your back reaching down to grab a pencil or lifting a “light” weight in the gym? Have you ever injured your shoulder reaching for a carton of milk in your fridge or got a “crick” in your neck from looking over your shoulder in traffic? Ever wonder why an injury like that occurs? You may be surprised other that each of these injuries are preventable and are due to improper movement. 


Our Hybrid Movement Lab is designed to improve our clients’ function, confidence, and reduce the risk of injuring themselves again. We accomplish this in three stages: 

1. Assess your movement to determine why your injury occurred


2. Build a program around teaching and strengthening proper movement and control.


3. Maintain these motor patterns in the long term prevent future injury.

Stop injuring yourself with bad movement. Get to the bottom of your pain patterns and fix your body at the Hybrid Movement Lab.