Whether you are in pain or just trying to improve your health and performance, our full spectrum of treatment options will have your body feeling and functioning at its best.

Be Activated

Be Activated is a revolutionary system that focuses on the priorities of the body. Put simply, your body will sacrifice anything in order to breath and move. Think about it – can you come up with anything more essential to survival to breathing? And what about movement? If you had the choice to lose all function in either your right hip or your right hand, which would you chose and why? Most likely, you’d choose your right hand. After all, how could you move and function without your hips?


From a fundamental level, when breathing and movement are not occurring properly, your body will sacrifice elsewhere in the body to help accomplish those two priorities. You likely know this as a compensation.


With today’s high stress and environmental pressures, compensations are inevitable – for everyone. When your body begins to compensate you will lose strength, power, flexibility and endurance, leaving the body less resilient, and at risk for poor performance, pain and dysfunction, both physically and in the way you interact in your world. To address these compensations in your body, the stress placed upon your body must be addressed to give the body what it needs to return to normal. 

See an example of a Be Activated assessment with Dr. Detweiler

This is why our clinicians utilize the Be Activated system with all of our clients. By utilizing Be Activated, we are essentially rebooting the body to return it to its original, natural physiology, allowing it to break free of pain and dysfunction. 


With Be Activated you will experience immediate and measurable changes in strength, power, flexibility, endurance, speed, balance, coordination and pain.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a holistic approach to health that focuses on maintaining proper joint movement and nervous system function through manipulation of the joints and muscles of the body, including the spine, hips and other joints like the ankle, foot, and shoulder.

Our Doctors of Chiropractic work to find the cause of improper movement in your body through a process of analyzing posture, movement, and function. This analysis is followed by a hands-on, approach to treatment, whether it be direct therapy of the joints with a chiropractic adjustment, releasing tight muscles, or retraining an imbalance in your body to allow you to move correctly.

Typical Treatments Focus On: 

Muscle Pain

Joint Pain

Spinal Pain and Injury Headaches 

Motor Vehicle Accidents Preventative

Maintenance / Wellness

Improving Performance

Dry Needling

Ever had a “knot,” “pinch,” or “crick” in your body? This is a normal complaint of someone who is experiencing pain from a muscular “trigger point.” When it comes to treating these trigger points, dry needling is a treatment of choice. It also has many other uses for those with pain, muscular tightness or imbalances, and even in populations that simply want to get their body recovering quicker and feeling better. 

Dry needling is a skilled intervention that uses a thin acupuncture needle to penetrate the skin and stimulate the underlying trigger points, muscles, nervous system and connective tissues to help manage a wide range of conditions.

Dry Needling Can Help With: 

Muscle & Joint Pain 

Chronic Pain / Fibromyalgia


Muscle Strains

Ligament Sprains

Preventative Maintenance / Wellness

Improving Performance


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One-On-One care with a Doctor of Chiropractic

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