At Hybrid Performance Group, we believe the key to optimal health and performance lies in treating the person as a whole. No matter where you are on your journey, we’re here to help.

Your situation needs a personalized approach. Whether it’s pain, injury, or things just feel “off,” our wide range of treatment options are focused on addressing the cause, and getting you back playing on the field of life.


Our personalized training and rehabilitation programs address both the mind and the body to build and strengthen proper movement and increase your resilience to stress.

Performance Enhancement

Your health is the most important asset you own. Protect that asset by
investing in your future health. Our wellness and recovery packages help ensure your body is taken care of physically, mentally and spiritually.

Wellness Care

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to provide a premium quality health care that gives you results. To do this, our focus is on addressing the top concerns surrounding health care: cost, outcomes, and access to your doctor, and putting you in the driver’s seat of your health
The Hybrid Approach cannot work without you, the individual, being a driving force in your own health. That is why we spend the time necessary to not only determine the cause of your problem, but to explain and educate as well. We want you to have a direct role in your own healthcare. We accomplish this by advising home exercise programs that address your physical and mental stresses, ensure proper movement, and create lasting change in other areas of your health such as diet and exercise. As the saying goes, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Your health and quality of life is no different

Why We Are Different


Most chiropractic and physical therapy office visits allow only 15 minutes or less with your doctor. At Hybrid Performance Group, a regular visit ranges from 45-60 minutes of one-on-one care with your doctor. This is over 3 times longer than the industry average. This approach allows us to deliver faster results with less visits, and ensure that your health care dollars are not wasted on 30 visit treatment plans.


Value is not about finding the cheapest visit rate. Nor is it about “getting a deal” on your health care. Even a dollar per visit holds little value if you spend 30 visits and never get better. Value comes from getting the results you pay for. That is why we have developed a new kind of care plan – the Results-Based Care Plan.


With a Results-Based Care Plan, your doctor works directly with you to identify your goals for care. Then, based on an evaluation of your situation, you and your doctor create a plan that produces these goals. The price is fixed, so you never pay more. Whether it takes one visit or one hundred visits, your results are our priority. 


Whether you are in pain or just trying to improve your health and performance, our full spectrum of treatment options will have your body feeling and functioning at its best. Although our foundations are very much rooted in the chiropractic philosophy of treating the nervous system, joints, and movement, our doctors do much more than just adjust the spine.

Meet Tyrel Detweiler


Performance is everything. Simply put, increasing performance increases your overall quality of life - whether it is performing better at your job, as a member of your family, on the field, or in the gym. Through our process, we evaluate your specific movement to determine the underlying patterns and habits that decrease performance and lead to injury. Then, under the direct supervision of one of our doctors, we educate, retrain, and reinforce proper movement to ensure you are successful and performing at your best outside of the office.

Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR)

A condensed version of our Be Activated treatment that features a system of breathing and neurological wake up drills that you can do ON YOUR OWN

Lifestyle Enhancement

Build and strengthen proper movement patterns to reduce future risk of injury - at the gym, home, work, or on the field.

Sports Performance

Personalized sports performance plans to optimize your potential and  perform your best on the field.

Recovery Services 

Your health is your most important asset. With a subscription to the Hybrid Recovery Room, you’ll gain access to a full range of recovery and wellness tools that will help you protect your health so you can keep doing the things you love. Are you an athlete or active person? The Recovery Room utilizes all the tricks of the trade that college and professional athletes have been using for years to keep their body performing at its best.

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